Yuneec Mantis Q Value Pack Drone con Telecamera, Grigio


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The Yuneec Mantis Q X-Pack is a bundle that includes the Mantis Q drone, three batteries, two sets of rotor blades and a photography bag. The Mantis Q is a handy, foldable drone for small and big adventures. The drone listens to his pilot thanks to voice control and thanks to visual tracking, the drone can follow the pilot wherever he or she goes. Whether you are backpacking in Thailand, making a road trip or staying with the family on the beach, the energy-efficient design of Mantis Q ensures that it stays in the air for up to 33 minutes and offers the user extraordinary photos and video clips from above. When activated, face recognition will take a picture of you as soon as it “sees” your face at a distance of up to 4 meters. The integrated camera can be tilted to 20° and 90° – for creative recordings. For cinematic camera flights, the Mantis is also equipped with automatic flight modes such as Journey or Point of Interest. Whether you’re traveling through the world in a camper or using the Mantis Q as your daily companion, the direct share feature allows you to post photos and videos directly from the app on social media, allowing you to share your personal adventure with your friends.

The Mantis flight software is based on the popular open source project PX4, making it very stable and reliable. Moreover, no image, photo or telemetry data is inadvertently passed on to the external server. Your data is only yours! The Mantis shoots photos with a resolution of 13 MP in JPEG or DNG format and stores it just like the 4K videos on a microSD card. Videos are stabilized to 1920×1080 (Full HD). The electronic image stabilization is energy-saving and solid. Features of the Yuneec Mantis Q X-Pack * Foldable, handy drone * Up to 33 minutes flight time * 4K video resolution, up to 1080p with electronic image stabilization * Voice control * Flight modes: Journey, Point of Interest * Visual tracking * Fast: up to 72 km/h * Direct posting on social media * GPS or Indoor


  • MODALITÀ di VOLO AUTOMATICHE INTELLIGENTI: Journey Mode, Point of Interest, Return Home
  • TEMPO di VOLO FINO a 33 MINUTI: realizza per te foto e video unici dall’alto
  • COLLEGAMENTO ai SOCIAL MEDIA: Instant Sharing ti consente di postare le tue foto e i video direttamente dall’app sui social media
  • Risoluzione video fino a 4k: i video vengono stabilizzati elettronicamente su tre assi dal vivo e mediante il sistema fino a 1920×1080 “full hd”
  • CONTROLLER in DOTAZIONE: estremamente stabile e affidabile + puoi far volare Mantis fino a 800 m di distanza

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